Working in the commercial and retail sectors.

Where a fine eye for detail and high quality is required. 



The office and workplace are undergoing a re-think!

We offer a 1-stop approach and can help you meet the challenges of staff safety and yet remain efficient.  


  • We can review your workplace and update your risk assessments

  • Identify your risk level as a business and classify your staff in risk categories

  • Draw up plans to meet your challenges and protect all the people who interact through your organisation

  • Design your workplace to meet your staff needs and your customers requirements

  • Deliver the works complete speedily and economically

  • Undertake reactive deep clean 



Assess - Design - Deliver



Image by Nigel Tadyanehondo

CIM Ltd work in industrial and commercial buildings installing new systems and upgrading existing installations.


CIM recognise the need to offer a service to meet clients overall requirements and we deliver solutions.

We offer a design and build service with our team of professionals specialising in design, building control, structural, electrical and mechanical engineering.


We are also happy to become a team member with your existing designers and contribute to the overall effort.